Form and Structure

3D Printing, ABS and PLA Filaments

This is a complementary part for building our FPV drones & more. Now we are offering this as a service.

Create and build.

A 3D printer essentially works by extruding molten plastic through a nozzle that moves around precisely under complex computer control. First, we design our parts with special software, then the file is transfered to the printer. It prints one layer, waits for it to dry, and then prints the next layer on top. This is how the form is created.

3D filaments are special types of plastics called thermoplastics. Once heated to the right temperature, thermoplastics become flexible. It’s this pliability that allows the printer to sculpt the filament to create your shapes before it cools down.


We use the two common types of 3D (ABS and PLA). Easy to work with, tough parts with impact resistant properties.


120mm X 140mm X105. This is our standard printing dimension capacity. For bigger parts, we slice and assamble them.


We are constantly testing and improving. Developing new structures and forms for the best results possible.

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