Evolution in Videography

Next Generation aerial video shots for your business

Drone shots? Oh, that's cool, but this is the next generation in cinematic videography. This FPV Drones are Built Not Bought. Built by us.

Built Not Bought.
This is FPV Cinematic.

The next generation in cinematic videography. FPV is newest adition in our development studio. These drone are made with 100% carbon fibre frames, powerfull brushless motors, ARM-Based Flight Controllers and more. Flyind with these drones is no easy task, but the results are amazing. We build our FPV-Drones. GoPro Video Quality in various formats: 1080p, 2,7K, 4K, 30 to 120fps.

Full Speed

We fly our FPV Drones with 3-4-6S Li-Po Batteries with ultra high discharge rates. FPV drones can easily follow any moving object, even race cars traveling up to 200Km/H.

100% Carbon Fiber

FPV drones are custom made with 100% carbon fibre frames, powerfull brushless motors, ARM-Based Flight Controllers, GPS modules and more.

AI-based Flights

We're constantly developing AI based flight characteristics for more immersive and intelligent results. Fail-safes options, tracking features, gps-based point of interests and more.

Flight Modes

FPV drones are remotely controlled or may be programmed to fly autonomously through our AI software-controlled flight plans accessing data from onboard sensors and GPS.

DJI Video & Photo

Inspiring DJI Videos and Photos

Awesome video and photo presentations for businesses, points of interest, landmarks, construction sites, residential, nature and other. 

Perfect videos for Youtube and Social media platforms, reach your target audience with quality content and give your brand a boost with stunning cinematic videos and photos.

Video & Photo

1080p, 2.7K and 4K Video. 30/60 FPS with 3-axis Gimbal stabilisation.


Up to 2 KM Real-World Transmission, 30 min flight time.

Flight Modes

Cinematic smooth videos, Orbit mode videos, Point of interest and Helix Videos.

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About Us

We are a small company based in Romania, since 2012 we are constantly developing solutions and technologies for the Online and Digital environment.

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