Logo, Complete Visual Identity & WebDesign

Metaller Romania

One of the fastest growing companies in Romania. Metaller - factory/production of PVC and Aluminium windows and doors with VEKA class A profiles.

Case Study

Project Details

Web Project link: www.metaller.ro | www.fenstermetaller.de
Corporate Visual Identity

The complete visual identity of the company Metaller Windows was created by our studio, including the name, typography, copywriting. 

Today, Metaller Windows is an important international window manufacturer and supplier in Romania and Europe. Metaller Windows is expanding every day and we stand at the fundament of this brand. 

We are creating on a daily basis everything that comes in the contact with the customer (on the visual side): Social media designs, Ads, outdoor print designs, web modules and more.

Our Approach

We studied a lot of forms, layouts and concepts and developed strategies for growing the Metaller Brand. 

> Logo concept and designs. We wanted to create a bold, very professional and unique structure of the logo. We knew from the start that the emblem will be a key element in designing the full Visual Identity.

> We developed a color pallete that later was used in all of the digital grpahic designs. We created layouts that represents the vision of the brand. The 150pag Guidebook and Brandbook were created, both for the mother-company and for Metaller franchises in Romania and Europe.

> We Designed & Developed the website and online presence that reflects the Branding and Visual Identity of Metaller Windows.

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