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Goldplast Romania

Goldplast SA Romania is a company with 30 years of activity, trusted by thousands of clients. The main field of activity is Polythene packaging and Bio-degradable packaging certified and licensed by TUV Austria.

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Project Details

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Corporate Visual Identity

After 30 years of activity, Goldplast Romania SA wanted to redesign and add a new style to their entire visual identity. It’s challenging to swap the old for the new, especially when clients and partners are familiar with a logo and visual identity.

The more history that a brand has, the longer this process takes. This is because brand identity is ingrained into their products, services, and clients mindsets.

Our Approach

The keyword of this project was "evolution". What have we done? 

  • The Goldplast emblem was evolutionarily changed and improved but not dramatically changed. We selected color codes and worked with them, creating immersive design content. 
  • We developed and designed an entire new Visual Identity that reflects the brand evolution and modernisation. We created the design guideline & brandbook for everything that needed to be changed and improved.
  • We Designed & Developed a new website and online presence that reflects the Branding and Visual Identity of Goldplast SA.
  • DJI Drone Video Edits for commercial company purposes: Social media ads, Youtube ads and TV spots.

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About Us

We are a small company based in Romania, since 2012 we are constantly developing solutions and technologies for the Online and Digital environment.

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